It is inevitable that there is undoubtedly someone cheating at your school, no matter where you go to college. When you find out or it could be absolutely no surprise at all but it could be a shock. However, what are your options and obligations in case you learn that someone is cheating in college? Deciding what to do or, as the case may be, what not to do can take a lot of serious time and reflection – or it might be a snap decision made easy by the circumstances of the situation. Either way, make sure you have considered some very important things when faced with a friend or fellow student’s cheating behavior. First of all, what obligations are you under based on your school’s code of conduct? You might be a pretty conservative student who was never given your school’s code of conduct or student handbook a second glance. However, at some institutions you may be required to report when you know another student is cheating in college. Your decision to notify a professor or staff member about the cheating takes on a different tone of that’s the case.

What to do if someone is cheating in college

You have to consider what your own personal feelings on the topic are in case you want to learn what to do if someone is cheating in college. Some of the students might be completely intolerant of others cheating. Some might not care one way or the other. Regardless, there is really no “right” way to feel about cheating – it is just what feels right for you. Are you OK letting it slide or will it bother you on a personal level not to report it? The comfort level with reporting the situation is one more from the considered things by those who want to learn what to do if someone is cheating in college. Think about how you would feel in case you left the cheating and cheater alone. How does this compare with how you would feel if turned your friend or classmate in? How would you feel if you never reported the cheating and watched this student sail through the rest of the term? There is already some conflict between you and the cheater, even in case it is unspoken at this point. The question then becomes how you feel about addressing that conflict and with the consequences of doing so or not. What is the impact of reporting the cheating – your own academic performance and college success will be directly affected by this student’s dishonest actions in case you are sharing a class with the suspected cheater and everyone is graded on a curve. However, you might not be affected at all in other situations. At some level everyone will be affected since a cheating student is gaining an unfair advantage over her or his fellow and honest students. How does the cheating have an impact on you on a personal, academic and institutional level?