A college birthday is a great chance to celebrate and take a break from the usual rigors of college life, whether you started school a little early and want to celebrate your 18th birthday or you're an older student back in school after serving in the military. But just how can you make sure to get the most out of your special day? Head out to a restaurant. You can go simple and nice; you can go big and rowdy. But going out to eat for your birthday is popular for a reason. It's fun, easy to coordinate, and not a lot of work for you or your friends. And you will get a free dessert to boot in case you are really lucky! Head to a museum. You're in college now, so it's okay to be a little nerdy. And you can be as nerdy as you want since it is your birthday. Museums can be a great way to take a break from the chaos of college while still doing something interesting and engaging. Head to an art museum, a museum of natural history, or even a local aquarium. 

Ways to celebrate a college birthday

Poetry slams can be a lot of fun, whether you just want to watch or are interested in performing. See what's happening on your campus or in your community and enjoy a fun evening out that promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience. Get creative in case you want to do something physical for your birthday. Some community organizations also offer really zany classes, like bungee jumping, skydiving, or even circus-training classes. Pushing your body to its limits can be a great way to celebrate getting older, given how much you sit in class and study all day. Catching up on the latest movies can be a fun way to spend an afternoon -- or even a morning. Mix things up a bit and grab breakfast and a movie with some friends to start your birthday off in a fun, nontraditional, but still enjoyable way.  Head to an athletic game. It could be a major hockey game in your college town; it could be a football game on your campus; it could be something small like your friend's rugby game. Rooting for your team and hanging out with a large crowd just might be what you need for a birthday celebration, regardless. There are not a lot of ways to get some privacy or enjoy some solitude although college is fun. Doing something quiet away from campus, like getting a massage, can be rejuvenating -- if not downright healthy for you, consequently. Treat yourself to something fun with your friends.  Students sometimes forget to focus a little on themselves because spend a lot of time focusing on external things -- class requirements, jobs, cocurricular obligations. Treat yourself to something that focuses on you for a change, like a pedicure and a wax or a haircut and a shave.