Your college’s Career Center is a place you will want to visit early on in your college career. The expertise and resources that the Career Center offers students can pave the way to making your journey much easier and more successful than if you wait to visit in your senior year or perhaps you don’t visit them at all. Preparing for your future career is a process and taking your time do to it right will make it much easier for you during your senior year.  First year students starting college in September will be pretty busy with their coursework and making decisions on the types of co-curricular activities they want to pursue. This is a very busy time for the new college student and the hectic schedule and getting use to being away from home can be a bit overwhelming at first. This is why I suggest that students in their first year of college learn to develop good time management skills to help them to better manage their priorities and meet their short and long term goals. You will probably get a full tour of the college if you haven’t done so already during your first few days on a campus.


Using your college's career development center

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you don’t need the college’s career center until your senior year because you will be missing out on preparing in advance what you will want to do after college. Although the career planning process takes time and using your four years of college to research, explore, gain experience, and network will all work to make your job search easier once you approach senior year and you’re ready to move on to a full-time job or graduate school, no one expects you to know what you want to be after college during that first year. Be sure to make note of the location of your college’s Career Development Center and visit it as soon as possible although first semester as a college student can be a bit overwhelming. Too many students make the mistake of using that first summer after their first year to take a break or to go back to their previous summer job. You might want to also consider getting an internship or job in an area that you are considering as a future career after college although going back to a previous job is not a bad thing. For financial reasons you may also continue working at a summer job but by also completing an internship in a career field of interest you will be gaining the knowledge and skills that employers seek when hiring new graduates right out of college. Sophomore year is a time when you really want to begin utilizing the Career Development Center to be able to make sure that you take advantage of all that they have to offer. Be sure to make note of the programming that’s offered on campus and, if you haven’t done so already, begin working with the Career Development Center to get a professional resume put together.