It's important that you do everything you can to make your room into a home away from home when moving to college for the first time. It will not only help you adjust to this big change in your life by ensuring you have a place to study, sleep and above all, feel safe and secure but also will creating a cozy space be fun. Some of the items a residence may provide is a simple, single bed, a mattress, a desk, bulletin board and maybe a desk chair. It won't be much, so before you make your list of things you'll need, make sure you ask your new residence what they'll provide. It's a good idea to visit the space, if possible, to see whether you want to keep items such as the mattress, or whether you'd like to purchase a new one after finding out which pieces of furniture will be provided by the residence. You'll need to gain permission from the residence and often you're responsible for storing the old mattress until you move out in case you decide to replace the matters. Just make sure you ask before you sink a lot of money into a new mattress.

Top furnishings you'll need to make your dorm a home

For me, a desk is also a very personal piece of furniture and you may find that the desk they provide isn't large enough or tall enough or just won't suit your needs.  Again, find out the rules and responsibilities of living in the space before you replace it. a good place to shop is in local thrift stores in case you decide to purchase a desk and you're on a budget. Also, check bulletin boards at school for students who are trying to get rid of used, but good furniture. A good office chair will be essential to ensure you're comfortable while studying long hours. Again, shopping at thrift stores is a great way to save some money. Make sure you sit in it for longer than just a few minutes when shopping for a chair. In particular whether or not you can adjust the height, make sure all the features are working. This feature will be essential to ensuring that the chair fits your desk and you. They are essential to making your space feel more comfortable and a bit more like home while curtains aren't practical in the sense that they'll improve your studying. You can find curtain panels that are "no sew", meaning that you can determine the length yourself, then use an iron to create the hem in case you prefer not to sew your own. Department and home stores often have sales, so check local flyers or the bulletin boards at school to see who might be selling their dorm things. Just remember that measure the space to know how wide and long the panels should be before you buy curtains. You can call the residence to ask for your room's measurements in case you're moving to a college dorm far from home.