Prospective college students and their parents frequently ask about the best extracurricular activities that will most impress college admissions officers. In most cases the answer is one and the same – the best activities are these that show your dedication and passion. You have to keep some main points in mind as you think about your extracurricular involvement. First of all, colleges would rather see depth of involvement in one or two activities than a large number of extracurricular activities that reflect superficial involvement. You will probably find the best extracurricular activity in case you are doing what you love to do, doing it well and taking the lead in the activity at your school. No one activity is better than another – this is the next point you have to keep in mind. Drama, sports or music – any one of these can be a winner on a college application in case you reveal dedication, leadership and passion. Do your research so that you know what extracurricular activities are offered at the schools to which you apply. You’d better make sure that college actually offers opportunities for playing violin if you are a virtuoso in the violin and your college application discusses your desire to continue playing on it.

The best extracurricular activities

In the best extracurricular activities leadership can take many different forms. Designing the set of a play, being section leader in the band, organizing a fund raiser are just a few of the options everyone can choose from. Also you can choose to start such a club that is related to an activity or design a website group. At the end, of course, you can choose to serve as an officer for a student organization. Each one of these options can be the best or not for you – all depends on your own individual meets and goals which are completely different in comparison with goals and meets of others. To be honest, activities in all the schools, universities and colleges are an integral part from the day-life so it is very important for the students to participate in different activities in order to develop their skills and experience. Chess clubs or sport teams are only two of the numerous options that are available while you are in college. Also you can start some arts – for example drawing pictures or taking pictures with your camera. The more activities you participate in, the more success you will get during your studying in college. It is recommendable for you to talk with your college counselors and administrators in order to hear their opinion about which are the best extracurricular activities. Some of them will probably not be agreed with you but others will be on your side. Today when the number of colleges is huge and students enroll in them each year, activities are one of the most important details you have to consider. It’s never easy to find the best extracurricular activity. However, once you find it, you will feel great.