Consider getting a pub tour in case you are over 21 (or turning 21, of course! You'll get some free samples and enjoy an afternoon doing something that you might otherwise not have done in addition to learning all kinds of crazy-interesting facts about how beer is made. Get a tour of something unusual. Not everyone knows that, for example, you can get a tour of major league baseball stadiums or the local zoo.  Getting a behind-the-scenes tour can be an entirely new experience while you might have visited these places before. See what's open during your birthday and what you can arrange in advance. (And make sure to bring your camera!) Head home. There's nothing wrong with ditching the craziness of campus and heading home for your own bed, your family's home cooking, and some good ol' R&R.  You work hard in college and treating yourself to the luxuries of home, however simple they may be, is a great way to reward yourself for another year lived and loved. Birthdays can be a great time to reflect on the past year and think about what you'd like the next year to bring.

More ways to celebrate a college birthday

It's your birthday; spend it how you want to! So do not be shy about spending some quiet time on campus going for a walk or run, journaling or hanging out in a coffee shop. Do something romantic with your partner. Try to spend the day doing something romantic together in case you are dating and your partner is around. Sure, heading out to dinner is nice, but don't be afraid to mix it up a little, too. Head to a nearby town and go exploring; do something new you've never done together; make a scavenger hunt for each other. But the most important thing is to enjoy each other’s company. Alright, so the biggest fraternity on campus is throwing their biggest party of the year smack dab on your birthday. Just because they didn't plan it that way doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the situation. Grab 'em and do something simple but enjoyable together in case you already know who these people are going to be. Plan a picnic; go for a hike; spend time doing something creative together. Go for quality over quantity and have fun with the best! Celebrate with some time alone. It can be overwhelming to always be around so many people like you are during your time in school. Consequently, spending some time meditating or going for a long run or hike by yourself can be incredibly productive in all kinds of ways. Think about how you feel after you volunteer. You always finish feeling amazing, proud, humbled, energized, and overall awesome, right? Well, why not treat yourself to that rock-star feeling on your birthday!  You might even be able to work in heading to places that offer free food, too. And that's just all kinds of awesome -- for free in case you are really good.