In fact, it’s the employees who don’t see their job as a job and have no problem working overtime that get noticed by their supervisors. Finding employees with a strong work ethic is sometimes difficult for employers to find. It’s important for interns to take stock in how employers view them and find ways that they can make improvements to prove to employers that you are someone that they want to keep around long after the internship is over since internships are an excellent way to train and evaluate potential future employees.  You are expected to ask questions as an intern. The only way you will be able to learn more on the job is to ask intelligent questions. You are showing the employer that you are motivated and ready to take the initiative to do a good job by asking questions. You will be sure to remember it and be able to build on that knowledge by demonstrating the use of your skills by using the knowledge you learn. This is very important for all who want to be aware of internships and the uses they can bring for a long period of time.

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They also like to see people who make a point of meeting and getting along with their supervisors and coworkers although employers want to see their interns as learning and possessing a strong work ethic. It is during lunch and other more social experiences where you can begin developing relationships that make for a happier and more enjoyable workplace. Managers look for individuals that they feel will fit in well within the organization as well as possessing the knowledge and skills to do the job when hiring. Key to getting ahead in your career is building a strong professional network. You never know when someone you previously worked with will be able to provide support and information about your potential next job. It’s also key to find yourself a mentor who is willing to help you learn the ropes and supports you in moving ahead in your current or future job. Finding a good mentor can make your first years on the job less stressful as well as being able to tap into the wisdom and experience of someone already successful in the field. Gossiping either in or outside of the office can create serious problems for the future. Employees who want to get ahead know that participating in office gossip is not something to be engaged in. Aligning yourself with a select group of co-workers sets you up for potential problems with other members of the group. You will want to stay in favor with the majority of employees and not set yourself up to be seen as an office gossip or someone who only associates with just a small group of individuals within the organization as a mature employee who wants to get ahead. Keeping in touch with these contacts once you return to college is also a great idea to help maintain important contacts and to keep abreast of future openings to which you may qualify.