Go formal. Mix it up by throwing a formal party after seeing your friends and classmates in shorts, jeans, and even pajamas all year. You never know how that hottie from your chemistry class is going to look in a sleeveless gown! Or how the cutie from your Shakespeare class might look in a suit or tuxedo. A formal party allows everyone on campus to get dressed up without feeling ridiculous for doing so. Head underwater. Turning your house (or other party venue) into a deep-sea world can do wonders for sparking a sense of excitement throughout the night. Low-lights, some cool decorations (especially hanging from the ceiling), and low music can all contribute to a unique and funky theme. Add a yellow submarine somewhere and you're good to go. Heading to outer space can be an easy but really strong theme for your college party just like heading underwater. You can get as wild as you want without seeming too ridiculous. And make sure to include lots of glow-in-the-dark decorations, too. Look into the future. Future-based parties are a great way to go because there is so much flexibility.

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Grab some friends who have strong imaginations (or who are into science fiction) and see all the things you can dream up for a fun, futuristic party. Added tip: Have a fortune-teller on hand reading the futures of those in attendance. Look to the past -- the prehistoric past. You don't have to be an paleontologist to know that dinosaurs are crazy cool. They can also help make your party one to remember fortunately. Keep an eye out for decorations and other items that can be used for a kid party making sure to mix them up enough so that they suit your adult-themed prehistoric party, too. Choose a color as a theme. Go crazy with one specific color: invites, promos, decorations, foods, costumes. While also offering a way to transform your house into a place nearly no one will recognize, using various shades of one color can make your color-themed party a little more visually exciting. Encourage attendees to come dressed in the color. Go colorless with a black-and-white theme. It doesn't have to be formal or New Year's Eve for you to go with a black-and-white themed college party.  Because it will look classy no matter how fancy (or not fancy!) you make it, this theme is particularly flexible. You're around a lot of smart folks -- which means they'll help make this party theme one that works well in case you are in college.  Pick a classic board game. You may have thought that games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Sorry were stuck in your past, but with a little creative planning, they can be turned into great party themes. People are likely to be interested in what you do with the theme and contribute to it in addition to this because most of these classic games hold a sense of nostalgia for everyone.