Junior year is a great time to assess what you’ve done so far and begin making some decisions based on academics, networking, co-curricular activities, job shadowing, informational interviews, and the internships and jobs you’ve completed over the past couple of years while still a student in high school or college. Also this year is a time to create some options you may want to pursue after college. Are you thinking of going to graduate school right after college? Perhaps you plan on waiting a year until you’ve had some time to engage in additional career exploration and feel ready to commit the time, energy, and money it takes to be successful in graduate school. It is recommended that you begin researching programs and prepare yourself to take the standardized tests required in case thinking of graduate school immediately following graduation. You can take advantage of the summer prior to your senior year to research, study for tests, make a list of faculty and other individuals you will want to use as recommendations, and to check out the nature of the essay question that each program wants you to write about.

More about college's career development center

You will definitely want to visit the Career Development Center at your college early on during fall semester as a senior. Working directly with a career counselor will help you to better understand the ways that the Career Center can help you be successful in your job or graduate school search. Learn about your college’s recruiting program and what you need to do to be able to access jobs posted at your college as well as prepare yourself for any recruiting that goes on both on and off campus. You will ensure that your resume and cover letter are professional and appropriately targeted which will put you and ahead of competitors applying for the same positions by working with a career counselor. A good idea as well as being diligent about sending out thank you notes to anyone you interview with or who agree to do an informational interview is following up on your online applications whenever possible. To schedule a mock interview with a career counselor during your senior year is another way to take advantage of your college’s Career Development Center. The best way to improve on your interviewing skills is to practice, practice, practice and there is no better way to practice for an interview than to do it outloud. The best advice for seniors who are engaged in the job search process is to be sure to maintain a proactive approach whereby you are consistently networking, searching for jobs, and prospecting in order to keep your name out there. The Career Development Center staff is there to help you evaluate career options by finding ways to explore careers that you may not have considered on your own since sophomore year is also a time when you will be selecting your major.