Job search strategies and advice for college and university students and alumni including where to find job search help, the top sites for college students and grads, resume and cover letter tips, interview tips, and information on on-campus and off-campus college recruiting programs. There are many resources available to help college graduates (and students) with an entry level job search.  You'll find a variety of resources available to help with a college job search from our college career services office, to alumni who have volunteered to help, to college job sites that provide job listings and job search tips specifically for students. Most career offices provide individual career counseling (including graduate school and choice of major advising and job search coaching), drop in sessions for quick meetings with a counselor, seminars, workshops, a career resource center and computer lab, on-campus and off-campus recruiting and networking programs, job and internship listings, resume, cover letter, and personal statement critiques. You'll be able to job search right on campus or via your school's website if you are off-campus when you are a college student or recent grad. Here's how to tap into the resources available at your school - both in-person and online.

Jobs for college students

There many networking opportunities to investigate career options or for your job search when you're in college, and even after you have graduated. You can start your job search far before you graduate from building relationships with professors, attending career workshops, and networking with alumni. It's important to make sure you are taking full advantage of social networking. Done right, it can help your job search. Here are tips and advice for how to use your social media presence as an aid in getting a post-college job, as well as how to be sure you're online presence doesn't cost you a shot at employment. Are you getting ready to graduate from college, or are you a recent grad ready to settle into that first serious job? Do you need help getting started? Here's how to get going on an entry level job search. It's not too late to get job search help. Here's how to get started on a job search even in case you haven't taken advantage of your career office and college recruiting programs. There are a variety of job sites which focus on entry level job openings for college students and graduates, whether you have just graduated from college or you are an alumnus with a few years of experience. Some college job sites are open and available to all job seekers, others are restricted to students and graduates from specific colleges. Check with your career office to see which job sites are available. Your resume can look just like everyone else's and that can make your job search a challenge when you are a college student seeking an internship or a job. However, there are ways to make your resume different. Here's how to get your resume noticed by employers.