You may think that since you made it to college, you know how to study and do well in your classes. Unfortunately, however, college classes operate on a completely different level that you may be able used to – meaning that even the best students often have to learn how to study in college all over again. Just what should you consider when trying to figure out the ways of studying in college? First of all, you have to think how to learn best. Try to think about the times when something has really clicked for you. Do you learn best by seeing things, listening music or by doing different things? The situation is individual in this case, so everyone will certainly find the best decision for themselves. Try studying in a variety of ways and take note afterward about what learning style worked best for your brain in case you are not sure. Did you learn more by listening to a lecture or by talking about the material later with a study group? Or by going over your lecture notes quietly on your own? Your brain likely prefers one way of learning over another and figuring out how it make it easier on your own brain to study and learn new material will make your college life much easier.

How to study in college

Think about where you learn best in case you want the best way how to study in college. You may hanging out in your room because people stop by and it is comfortable on your bed, but that may not be the best place for you to study when all is said and done. Think creatively about where else on campus you can study and see what clicks. Also you have to be open-minded. The places you think might be nonproductive just might be the perfect place to get some quality studying done. Studying in a library, for example, may sound totally boring but that library hour is probably your best bet in case you can get more done by spending an hour in the library than you would by spending 2 hours in the campus coffee shop. Figure out what you need to know – another important way that may help you a lot in how to study in college. You will need figure out what to learn once you figure out how and where you best learn. Look at the syllabus – what material did your professor cover in class, what did you need to know last week or what did you need to learn this week? Figure out how much you need to study and then work backward in your calendar. Say it takes you 2 hours to go over and really study the material in each new chapter in chemistry. And say you have 4 chapters to review before your midterm next Friday. Make sure to allot enough time in your time management system between today and exam day since you will need a good eight hours to really study and learn the material.