You may have had grand plans about getting organized in college. And yet your plans for organization seemed to slip through your fingers despite your best intentions. Don't be too hard on yourself in case you were totally dedicated to making some fancy shmancy new calendaring app work for you this semester, but it ended up not working at all. That just means not that you're bad at time management but means a particular system didn't work for you. Keep trying (and trying and trying) new time management systems until you find one that clicks. And so be it if old fashioned paper calendaring system. The most important part of staying organized through the chaos that is college is having some type of calendar. You had to keep your room relatively clean when you lived at home. But you can keep your room as messy as you want now that you are in college, right? Wrong! A messy room can represent a messy college life as silly as it sounds. Since you won't be visually distracted by all the junk on your desk, keeping your living space clean can help with everything from preventing you from losing your keys (again) to being able to mentally focus when you really need to.

How to stay organized in college

Spend one week tracking how much time you spend keeping it clean and another week tracking how much time you spend looking for stuff or trying to recover from things you've lost (like that FAFSA form) in case keeping your classroom clean. Make yourself do one of four things: 1) do it, 2) schedule it, 3) toss it, or 4) file it when you are faced with anything that connects with your college life responsibilities -- from a cell phone bill to an email from your mom about when you're coming home for Thanksgiving. As an example, spending the next month arguing with your mom over when you'll fly home will take ten times as much time as it will for you to just give her some dates when she brings it up. Figure out a day – as an example, by which you will be sure -- and then put it into your calendaring system. Your mom will leave you alone, you'll knock something off your to-do list, and you won't have to spend time telling yourself "Oh shoot, I need to figure out Thanksgiving" a million times a day between now and then. You're in college because you've got a great brain. So put it to use on all you have to do outside of the classroom! Your brain is learning, expanding, and strengthening each week you're in school just like a finely tuned athlete. Spend a few moments looking over what you got done, what you're doing, and what you'll need to do over the next few weeks. Those precious minutes can save you a lot of lost time -- and a lot of disorganization -- in the future while it may seem like a waste of time.