You’ve got your plane tickets. You’ve got your train tickets. You may even have a pretty decent idea of the spots you want to check out during your upcoming travels. But, have you figured out your accommodations?  Because of picking the wrong/expensive/dirty/bad location place to sleep, it is easy to blow an entire travel budget simply on a place to rest your pretty head, and plenty of a trip has been marred. There are, fortunately, plenty of resources available both online and in print to help guide you towards the places to stay during your travels. But, what’s the best place for those on a budget or who want to meet people? Hands down, the hostel is the perfect place for both. Meaning the options can be a bit overwhelming, hostels in most cities are a dime a dozen. Location may sound like a no-brainer, but location is important. Be sure to find a hostel with a central location in case you want to skip forking out the money for public transportation to the destinations in a place you want to visit. Likewise consider finding a place close to the train/bus station or airport, depending on where you have to journey next in case you are in transit.

How to pick the perfect college hostel

Find a hostel where the nightlife is walking distance – and in a safe neighborhood in case you like to go out at night or be in the heart of the action. Or, if you prefer to chill out a bit, opt for a hostel a little off the beaten path. These gems often can treat travelers to a better glimpse of local life. These encourage social activities and often, the people who hang out in these areas are looking to meet others to hang out with, travel with, and more. In case you are looking for a quieter experience, the same should be noted. Be sure to read reviews on hostel review sites. If you don’t want a party hostel, then finding a hostel with a little less in terms of social opportunities is a better idea. Some hostels will nickel and dime for everything. That pillowcase? Those sheets? It will cost you. A towel? Two euros. Be sure to check out what is included in the price before booking or you could get stuck with fees you didn’t realize, which can hurt that well-planned budget. Most of the hostels in our days will include wifi and a complimentary breakfast. And, more and more hostels are offering special nights “in” as well, complete with dinners, events and more. Hostels offer dorm rooms for the super budget conscious.  Dorms can be small (say, three to four beds) to massive. It certainly is less expensive than a private room while sleeping with the masses might not be the most conducive to a good night’s sleep. Smaller dorms are typically an option and allow people to share a room who all know each other for people travelling together. Check out a private room in case ou’ve got a little more money to spend.