Chances are the answer would be a definite "Yes!" in case you were to ask a random college student if he or she were stressed at any given point during his or her time in school. But if you were to ask 100 students what the sources of their stress were, you'd likely get a wide range of answers. Everyone's college experience can be stressful in different ways even though everyone knows that college can be stressful. What helps your friend or roommate relax may not be the same thing that helps you. So just how can help identify the sources of stress in your college life? Given that you were smart enough to make it into college in the first place, your mind is probably racing a mile a minute during your time in school. So take a quick moment and try to be aware of where your mind wanders when you start to feel stressed out. Relationships? Chances are you're spending a lot of mental energy on a few things in particular. identifying those mental triggers can help you realize what you need to address most if you're going to cut down on the stress in your college life in case you are feeling unusually stressed.

How to identify the sources of stress in college

Let's just be honest: If you think you're going to bomb your chemistry midterm or have no idea what to write for your Shakespeare paper, you're probably avoiding it like the plague.  You can easily identify the to-dos in your life that you're avoiding or that you like doing the least in case you are honest with yourself. And chances are those things are the ones causing you the most stress. You can decide to get them done or deal with them in another way once you identify them, of course. And doing so will drastically cut down on your stress level -- sometimes instantaneously. You're likely spending a disproportionate amount of time on the subject in case you feel like all you do is try to get your homework done for your anatomy class. You need to do well in the class. Or you plain and simply don't like the subject matter. Regardless of the reason, if you can identify the things that are taking up the most time in your life, you can come up with ways to address the problems associated with the issue. And doing so can reduce both your stress level and the amount of time you're wasting. Sometimes a little outside perspective is all you need to help identify the main sources of stress in your life.  What would they say in case someone pooled your friends about what makes you freak out? Or better yet, when you ask them, what do they say? If everyone gives the same answer, you have an easy way of identifying the main sources of your stress. What else are friends for, right?