Well it’s your senior year of college and you’re feeling overwhelmed because you don’t know what you want to do immediately following graduation. Society expects you to get a job. Isn’t that what your parents did or even what your grandparents did, who may have even started earlier, at the age of 18 as a 22-year old new graduate. Gap year actually can mean many things to many people. Taking a year or more off before pursuing and accepting a serious job offer can help shed light on what you really want to do after college. You have your whole life after college to make yourself successful – this is the key to remember. It does not mean that you will be penniless or eating out of your car just because you don’t have the perfect job right out of college. Gap Year is really a time to explore your strengths, internships, and what it is you really want to do with your life. Say you have always wanted to travel; well, this could be the right time to actually do it. Want to go abroad? Why not try volunteering, teaching abroad, or working through a program like BUNAC?

How to have a successful gap year

To make sure that whatever you do you are gaining new skills and experiences that can be excellent additions to your resume – this is the important thing you have to do. When seeking employment in the future, building on transferable skills like communication, interpersonal, organization, leadership, or computer will be definite assets. Don’t be afraid to take risks. At this time the world is your oyster. Gap Year gives you the freedom to be yourself before committing to a full time job and the responsibility of raising a family. Don’t neglect this freedom and let fear hold you back. Always be open to learning something new. As an opportunity to take on a new adventure, whatever it may be take each new experience, conversation, and event. Because before long your responsibilities may hold you back from taking risks which could be the next most important adventure of your life, thinking out of the box is a good thing. Development of a sold plan is the key to a successful gap year. So you’re holding off going to graduate school because you are just not sure what you want to go for. Gaining experience in the field can help you make that decision. Learning from your experiences and the people you meet is key and will be what takes you to the next step in the decision-making process.  Now it’s just as prevalent for college students who may or may not want to continue and pursue a post-secondary program that opens even more career opportunities to them. It is not always the right decision and needs to be decided based on all things being considered, although a Gap Year can be a great experience for students. Taking a Gap Year can put you behind your peers who are also graduating from high school or college. Being away from studying could have a detrimental effect on your study skills.