Getting ready to celebrate your favorite teen's high school graduation? Sure, you could hand over some greenbacks. Here's a round up of great graduation gift ideas for college-bound seniors in case you're looking for something a little more personal. Campus bookstores are the go-to shopping spot for new freshmen between the textbooks, sweatshirts and energy drinks. What makes this particularly convenient for you is that some 600+ university bookstores are operated by Barnes and Noble, and those gift cards are available everywhere - even the supermarket. Or go online, find the university's bookstore site and order a sweatshirt directly. The promise of care packages adds charm and love to any gift in case you are looking for a perfect graduation gift. Tuck a couple of these DIY postcards - each redeemable for a college care package - into your favorite new graduate's gift bag, along with a laptop sleeve, for example and a great college survival guide. Looking for an option other than a gift card for iTunes or a bookstore? The new graduate probably has some significant dorm shopping ahead of him, so a gift card for Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond or another big box store may be very welcome.

Great graduation gifts

More creative? Buy a guidebook to the grad's new city and enclose a gift card for Starbucks, Chipotle or another student-favored restaurant or coffeehouse near campus. Need suggestions for what's nearby? Check Google maps or visit the university web site and search under "visitor information." P.S. Cards don't have to be bestowed in a boring envelope, not when you can make a clever little diorama and little DIY gift. We have graduates book about Desideranta, for example, a generation ago. its heartfelt wisdom transcended fads, however, when Carnegie Mellon computer science professor Randy Pausch gave his "Last Lecture. his was the real deal, life lessons delivered by a professor who was dying of pancreatic cancer, leaving behind a beloved wife, three young children and legions of adoring students. Millions of people downloaded the lecture on YouTube. Now it's an inspirational book about childhood dreams and the importance of enabling the dreams of others. Author Kate Marshall, asked friends and family to write down their best advice when Emily Marshall was getting ready to leave for college a few years ago, her mother. ife lessons don’t necessarily come up naturally,” says Kate. “No one ever asks, ‘Would you like some pie...and the secret to a happy marriage?’” So Kate put out the call. Some relatives jotted notes in Emily's journal when they came to visit, others sent handwritten notes to be pasted in later. The result was such a treasure, Kate and Emily assembled this blank volume, a "Words to Live By" template filled with prompts so every family can pass along its collected wisdom. Syndicated columnist Harlan Cohen's practical, irreverent take on college life has entertained and helped parents and kids across the country. Now, you can get his wit and wisdom in book form, thanks to The Naked Roommate.