Spring Break is arguably the highlight of the student year -- whether you want to party or volunteer, relax or ski, we've got dozens of ideas for you.  Where you choose to spend your Spring Break can make or break your vacation. From Cancun to Florida, Europe to Asia, we have suggestions for every budget. Cancun has long been the favorite destination of spring breakers looking to have some fun, and for good reason. Spend your days sunbathing on some of the prettiest beaches in the world, and your evenings partying in the clubs. Cancun is the top destination for Spring Break every year for a reason. You can head south to beautiful beaches of Tulum, or head inland to check out some of the Mayan ruins from Cancun. Head to the Pacific side of the country to Puerto Vallart in case you want something a little calmer but still in Mexico. There's plenty of nightlife here, but there's plenty of Mexican culture to dive into as well. Take a trip north to Sayulita for a chilled out hippie beach town with plenty of surfing to do. 

Destination ideas for college spring break

Spring Break doesn't have to be about partying and getting drunk. You could use your time off to give back to a local community instead.  A particularly badass-sounding option is helping to save sea turtles on the beaches of Costa Rica. One of the top Spring Break destinations for skiers is Crested Butte, in Colorado. There's plenty of nightlife, the locals are friendly and the mountain is one of the best mountains to ski in North America.  Yake a look at Aspen, also in Colorado in case you have a larger budget. Aspen is expensive, but there's also usually travel discounts for students over Spring Break -- sometimes offering as much as 25% off lift tickets and accommodation.  Florida is a popular alternative to Cancun, with the biggest parties taking place in Panama City. Hawaii is great if you're all about the surfing and chilling out on beautiful beaches. Consider the Caribbean, too, as US citizens can visit Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands without needing a passport. Bonus: The drinking age in Puerto Rico is 18.  Fancy injecting a big of culture into your Spring Break? Europe is perfect for this. Head to London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, Venice and more. Pick two countries and spend your Spring Break exploring their culture. Paris has romance, Amsterdam has the parties, Venice has the stunning sights and Berlin has the history. You can't go wrong with Europe whenever you decide to go. Deciding where to go for Spring Break can be a daunting decision to make, but you can make it far easier by working out what you want from your vacation.