Community colleges in California can lay claim to being the largest higher education system in the United States with 112 member institutions. Being part of the same system, however, does not mean the schools themselves are necessarily similar. Instead, each of the schools provides diverse educational opportunities and a unique campus setting. All the students at 2-year colleges typically can take classes on campus, through hybrid programs or online. They may graduate with an associate degree, certificate or another credential. Students may go on to find employment or transfer to a four-year institution in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree after graduation. All the students that consider these schools have plenty of choices, including these notable options that are listed in alphabetical order. They can be seen in many websites and sources in Internet, designed to help students when they seek community colleges in California. The list contains the names of the best community colleges in this state and describes each of them with their structures and features. As numerous learning options are available in many educational institutions, the colleges in California are not an exception. They provide students with skills, experience and knowledge for succeeding in life and making good careers.

Community colleges in California

Allan Hancock College is one of the most popular community colleges in California. This community college can trace its roots back to 1920, when it was created as Santa Maria Junior College. The name of the school was changed in the mid-1950s, and it has been expanding steadily ever since. Approximately 11 500 students study in more than one hundred fields at the college’s four locations in our days. The main campus remains in Santa Maria, where classes are held on a 105-acre campus. Other education centers can be found in other Central Coast Areas, such as Lompoc and Solvang. The college is best known for its English as a second language program as well its theater department. It is one of only 150 colleges in the running for a 2015 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence as a testament to its academic quality. This marks the second time the school has been eligible for award. Canada College is the second well-known of community colleges in California. It has a reputation for academic excellence and innovative learning opportunities. The school was developed in 1968 and is one of the three colleges that comprise the San Mateo Community College District. According to the school about 7 200 students enroll each year and it is one of the smallest community colleges in the Bay Area. East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program fills a need for postsecondary vocational training, through not technically a college. It offers specialized, hands-on education in such fields as video production, business management and medical assisting, unlike other schools that focus largely on degree programs. Santa Barbara City College’s bragging rights go beyond saying it is the best community college in the state. Instead it can say it is among the best community colleges in the United States.