The term community college has different meanings in different countries. It is a type of educational institution. In Australia the term is not used. Analogous to it are both institutes and colleges of Technical and Further Education. Also there are an increasing number of private providers of varying social esteem and often these are called “colleges” colloquially. The term is not widely used in Canada. The number of the institutions that could be roughly equivalent of the community college in certain contexts is 150. Usually they are referred to simply as colleges since in common usage a degree granting institution is almost exclusively a university. In Malaysia community colleges are a network of such educational institutions whereby both technical and vocational skills training could be provided at all levels for school leavers before they entered the workforce. This kind of colleges also provide an infrastructure for rural communities to gain skills training through short courses as well as providing access to a post – secondary schools. Most of the community colleges award qualifications up to level 3 in the Malaysian Qualifications Framework in both the Skill Sectors as well as the Training and Vocational sector but the number of community college that are starting to award Level 4 qualifications are increasing.

Community college

In the United Kingdom community college is such kind of school that not only provides additional services and education to adults and other members of the community but also education for the school age population 11 – 18 of the locality. Scotland is the only one exception. This education includes but is not limited to sports, adult literacy and lifestyle education. Usually at the age of sixteen when students finish their secondary school studies, they move on to a sixth form college. There they study for their A – levels although some of the secondary schools have integrated sixth forms. They may proceed to a college of further education or a university after the A – level period which is 2 years. Community college in the United States is often called junior college, two – year college, technical college or city college. This kind of colleges is primarily two – year public institutions that provide higher education and lower – level tertiary education, granting certificates and diplomas and also associate’s degree. Many of them offer continuing and adult education. Some of the students transfer to a four – year liberal arts college or university for two to three years to complete a bachelor’s degree after graduating from a community college. These colleges in the United States were more commonly referred to as junior colleges before the 1970s. That term is still used at some institutions. The term junior college, however, has evolved to describe private two – year institutions whereas the term community college has evolved to describe publicly funded two – year institutions. The name derives from the fact that these colleges primarily attract and accept students from the local community and are often supported by local tax revenue.