Although finding time to get in college workouts often seems impossible, finding the time to get your homework done can be challenging enough. However, there are some simple workouts you can do on nearly any campus, fortunately. You can incorporate your schedule into your workouts instead of trying to incorporate your workouts into your schedule by thinking creatively. Go for a walk. It can be fast; it can be slow; it can be on flat ground; it can be up and down the worst hills on campus. Walking, however, can be a great way to get a workout in during your busy day. Walk the long way to class. Park your car far from where you need to be and walk the rest of the way. Walk up the stairs. Going for a quick run can be a great college workout in case you don't have much time and don't mind a little sweat. It can also be a fun way to see parts of your campus that you haven't seen before.  Consider going for a run instead of just talking it up with friends in the coffee shop in case you have an hour between classes.


College workouts

Take advantage of the exercise you can get in case your campus allows bikes! See if you can borrow one from a friend or get one super cheap at a store near campus even in case you don’t have your own bike. You can bike to your classes, to your friends' places off campus, to major events, and even to the grocery store when you run out of ramen. Just remember to always wear a helmet so you can protect that college-educated brain of yours. Do yoga with some friends – it is pretty easy to find some friends who also like to do yoga on a campus. The top of a hill, behind your sorority house, on a nice lawn in a quiet part of campus -- and do some of your favorite poses even in case you guys aren't pros, you can head somewhere fun. You'll get some exercise, some social time, and a few minutes to center and refocus. Do yoga alone because finding privacy on campus is a major challenge for most students. Take a moment to do some yoga on your own somewhere outside. You don't even need to dress up in workout clothes to do 10-15 minutes of yoga in the quad or on the hill behind your residence hall. Run the stairs in the stadium. Think of how you feel when you see someone running the steps in one of the campus stadiums on campus. Lift weights in the weight room. Weight training is a great way to get a college workout in without taking up too much time. Hit the weight room in case you have an hour to spare between classes. You'll feel great, get energy for your next class, and tone up.