Alright, so your club, organization, Greek house, or group of friends is going to throw a campus party. And the best way to make sure your party isn't a total dud is to have a theme that ties everything -- from the advertising to the decorations -- together. But what kind of college party themes can you use that won't seem like the usual?  A classic toga theme is a great idea for a campus party unless there's another toga party that's traditionally held on your campus.  Everyone loves it, people have fun, and the customs are easy to make. Decorating can be fun and simple to put together in addition to this.  Parallel a current, trendy movie. Is there a must-see movie out right now? Is everyone quoting lines or characters from it? If so, don't be afraid to jump on the hype and use it for your own party.  They'll be interested in attending your bash to see what you're doing in case they are excited about a hot new movie. Parallel a current, trendy TV show. Is there a new sitcom, drama, or reality show that's getting a lot of buzz? If so, think like a network executive and figure out how to use the show's popularity for your own benefit. 

College party themes

Encourage people to dress up as characters and include decorations that match the sets or themes from the show. Seriously, who doesn't love seeing their friends in flapper dresses from the 20s or in the funkalicious outfits of the 60's? Going with a decade-themed party is a great way to ensure that everyone in attendance will know what the deal is -- as well as what to wear. And who doesn't also love running to the local thrift store to see what decade-specific treasures they have in stock besides? Require everyone to come as a reality star. One of the benefits of all the reality shows on TV is that anyone can find someone that they resemble. Make fundraising the goal. You can turn your party into a fundraiser for a non-profit or other organization you hold near and dear. And you can pretty easily use that organization's mission (e.g., preserving the environment) into a theme that works for your party, too (e.g nature decorations). Everyone feels good about donating, so the $1 or more you ask everyone for at the door turns into both a fundraiser and a way to make people feel good during the party as soon as they enter – this is an added bonus you get. Pick one of the four seasons. This, of course, works best if you pick a season opposite of the one you're in.  Who wouldn't want to go to a tropical, beach-themed party in the middle of December after all? Host a masquerade. This is a class theme for good reason: Nearly everyone likes a good masquerade party. People can get dressed up without having to go too crazy with outfits, and you can easily buy a ton of masquerade masks at a 99-cent store or other cheap party store.