College now is a program which is offered from several universities. For example it’s available in University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and in CUNY. It contents different points but as a whole is quite interesting and attractive. So let’s have a look through the program that is offered in CUNY. It is the largest collaborative program with New York City secondary public school system. The program offers such things as dual enrollment and college – readiness in more than 350 NYC high schools. In all the general number of the campus-based College now programs is 17. Although the programs is different for every school and campus, they are similar in terms, implementations and goals, Like many others dual enrollment programs, the main aim of this one is to help all the students meet high school graduation requirements and prepare for big success in college – academically and socially. In addition to this, the creators of the program have designed interesting activities so the students will have the ability to enroll in college without the need of remediation. The program is undoubtedly useful for all the students who want to get high education at perfect level. College now supports student persistence in college because recent research on the ways dual –enrollment programs improve rates of studying success in postsecondary education.

College now

Some of the suggestions that the program College now offers are qualified high school students opportunities to enroll in a wild variety of activities. This includes college-credit courses and experimental- based summer programs. Access to campus facilities are also offered to the students and cultural offerings too. In each case – taking of college – credit course for example – you have to meet course enrollment requirements. Most of the activities of the project are available for the students in the 11th and 12th degree. Also there are some preparatory activities. They are available for the students who are in 10th grade. More often the events and classes take place before or after school. It’s also possible some of them to take place in weekends. College- credit courses range from such in arts and humanities, social sciences, technology and math. Pre –college courses look like as courses, available for students who are not yet ready to take college – credit courses and some are offered for high school credit. These activities are developed by the teachers and focus on developing students’ academic skills. Regard to the workshops and other activities, they include arts and music workshops and besides – meetings between students, admissions and guidance counselors. Use of college libraries and facilities are only a small part from other ways students are engaged in college now experience. The program has many supporters in all over the world because gives chances and opportunities for getting education at a high level. Thanks to college now, many young people can see and learn helpful things and also to practice arts, music, etc. Summer programs include Arts and Humanities, Journalism – radio, TV and Film, Social sciences and many others, all of them quite interesting.