College is a term which may have different meanings in all over the world. For example as well as an educational institution the term can refer, following its etymology to any formal group of colleagues set up under statute or regulation. Other collegiate bodies include professional associations, particularly in medicine and allied professions. In sphere of higher education the word “college” may refer to a constituent part of a collegiate university. It also can refer to a college of further education. In some national education systems secondary schools may be called colleges or also to have “college” in part of their title. At different places – for example Australia, there had been a recent to rename of create government secondary schools as “colleges”. In the state of Victoria some state high schools are referred to as secondary colleges. In this sense college classes is a term which is used always with different meanings. There are many other examples that can be given and they clearly show the breadth of this concept. In Western and South Australia “college” is used in the name of all state high schools built since the late 1990s, and also some older ones.

College classes

College classes may refer to different things. For example in India the term is commonly reserved for institutions that offer degrees at year 12 and also those that offer the bachelor’s degree. Generally colleges are located in different parts of a state and all of them are affiliated to a regional university. The colleges offer programs under that university. Regard to the exams, they are conducted by the university at the same time for colleges under its affiliation. There are about several hundred universities and each of them has affiliated colleges. In Ireland this term is more often used to describe an institution of tertiary education. Students in universities often say that attend ‘college” rather than “university”. No university provided teaching or research directly until 1989. All they were formally offered by a constituent college of the university. Many secondary educational institutions used the word “college” in their names. These are either, older schools. Secondary schools, formerly known as “technical colleges”, were renamed “community colleges”. In New Zealand the constituent colleges of the former University of New Zealand have become independent universities. Some universities, from other hand, have divided their University into constituent administrative “colleges”. So when the term college classes need to be read, it may refer to many different things. Classes in colleges include a wild variety of options. Classes are visited by all the students that get higher education. In Singapore the term college is used only for pre – university educational institutions called Junior Colleges. They provide the final two years of secondary education. That is the equivalent to sixth form in British terms or grades 11 – 12 in the American systems. College classes is a concept which may be read by different ways but as a whole has one general meaning and it refers to the process of studying.