Ashworth high school was founded in 1987 as Professional Career Development Center. In 1988 the college graduated its first students which number was nine. It quickly became a premier national accredited provider of distance learning courses for all the students who have interested in vocational education. James Madison High School became a part of the college in 1996. This educational institution was a SASC – accredited online high school. For the first time associate degrees programs in 2000 were introduced. They were followed by master’s degree programs in 2004 and bachelor’s degree programs in 2007. All the programs were merged under the Ashworth College umbrella. This was a reflection of the leadership role in online education and also the impressive selection of career training distance learning courses and degree programs. By 2007 this college boasted nearly a million graduates. Furthermore the college became a military – friendly school ensuring that all the service members, their spouses and veterans can maximize their military education benefits. Another reason for proud was the fact that the college is the first accredited online college in Georgia which received a Delta Epsilon Tau National Honor Society charter. More than 2000 graduates have been inducted into this society.

Ashworth college

Ashworth high school ensures that all its graduates are prepared to succeed in a wild variety of professional civic and personal settings by incorporating some learning and career outcomes into its programs. On first place is the effective communication. It allows the graduates to demonstrate competence in written communication skills that lead to the both purposeful and clear expression of information, ideas and logical reasoning. Critical thinking is the next important outcome which is available in the college. Graduates will demonstrate competence in critical thinking skills to analyze problems, search for evidence to support conclusions, formulate solutions and reflectively process information. Professional and life skills are connected with demonstrating of competence life and professional skills. They include such things as responsibility and self – motivation. They also will make progress toward becoming engaged and self – reliant learners. Technical and Job – specific technical skills – in this outcome graduates will demonstrate graduates will demonstrate competence in program specific technical skills and also an understanding of the common body of knowledge associated with a specific program. Qualifications for Advancement is the fifth and last outcome, which allow the students to have skills and credential apply for change careers, jobs, advance in their workplace, or pursue advanced education. Ashworth high school has accreditation as most educational institutions online. It is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council is listed by the US Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. The college offers different accredited programs which lead to both online certificates and degrees and also career training diplomas. Courses and programs assure you of educational excellence from their admissions department and registrar’s office to both tutors and instructors.